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Forest Wines & Spirits

About us

Discover our Journey and the services we have to offer.

Forest Wines and Spirits Ltd. was set up in 2021 by Mark Hopkins. It is the UK operation managing the sales and distribution of a range of exclusive products and is the UK agent to the Italian drink’s giant ‘Polini Group Italia’. Our large production capabilities have enabled us to adapt to and ever-developing market with a range of products and pack formats that compete aggressively within the UK.  

 Polini Group Italia was founded in northern Italy 1967 by the Polini family. The company has expanded and developed, priding itself on being able to adapt to a changing market whilst stil maintaining the ethos of a family business, it is now the largest independent bottler in Italy and amongst the largest in Europe. 


 Without losing sight of its ethics and dedication to work, Polini Group Italia is currently managed by a new generation that are advancing the company, combining the wisdom of ancient artisan production processes with cutting-edge automation, and now capable of producing more than 30 million bottles a year.