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jj Tequila Tequila jj discover Our Tequila are genuinely Mexican, produced and blended in the state of Jalisco from 100% Blue Agave Tequila. The same level of quality is only found in brands costing comparably much more. jj jj jj jj jj jj aa

Rancho Viejo

Produced and blended in Arandas, in the state of Jalisco, using only Blue Webber Agave. Great quality product for a reasonably priced and versatile bottle. Perfect as a shot or part of any cocktail.

Rancho Viejo is a mixto tequila brand, that is, 51% composed of agave distillate. The brand name translated from Spanish means “Old Ranch”, which in the Mexican tradition is considered a symbol of home and comfort.


El Bandido

El Bandidoi is a young and fresh product while fully embodying the style of the most popular drink in all of Mexico.

El Bandido is a blend of 51% Agave Spirit and 49% Sugar spirits, but we priced ourselves not only on the quality of our product, but also on the fact that we use a much higher Agave spirit to Sugar Spirit ratio. The same level of quality are only found in brands costing comparably much more. A genuinely authentic product, with a truly remarkable taste. 


El Torito

El Torito or translated ‘The Bull’ is a great tequila for adding to cocktails or mixed drinks. With a classic tequila flavour and slight sweetness, it’s a good all-rounder.

Smooth and perfectly mixable .