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jj Wines of Italy The selection discover Throughout history, wine has played a vital role in Italy’s culture, economy and health. While every region in Italy produces wine, some are more prolific and desirable than others and we aim to blend both quality and price to offer an exciting range.
Vino Spumante

The Perfect Prosecco

Explore our range of prosecco and sparkling wines .

Our elegant Italian Wines and Prosecco are produced and bottled in Praratico by the lakes of Iseo, giving our wines the true Italian essence. Every bottle we produce strives to cultivate the living values of Italy: the deep passion for good food and wine, with Sophisticated taste. 

A taste of Italian perfection. 

Commercial Wines

Wine Kegs

We offer a new and innovative way to serve our Italian wines which comes with many benefits. Our wine kegs are sold in 20 litre poly kegs which can run on any gas type including compressed air.


We offer an option to buy our wines as a keg using polykeg which is the safest and most sustainable keg on the market.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

The weight of a keg is far less than the equivalent 27 heavy glass bottles and so this means the carbon footprint is drastically reduced.


Reduced waste

You will never need to waste another bottle – serving this way keeps the wine as fresh as if it had just left the vineyard.


Reduce the cost of glass bottle disposal, and the cost of storage.



Trebbiano Rubicone Gaetano

Refreshing, filled with notes of green apples, citrus fruits, wildflowers with a refreshing almond aftertaste.

Pinot Grigio Friuli Gaetano

Elegant, refreshing, with fruity- floral hints and mineral nuances.

Chianti Gaetano

Soft, silky taste with hints of blackberries, currants, leather and spices, with rounded tannins and a long finish. 

Montepulciano d’abruzzo

Expressive wine which is well balanced, with soft tannins, noticeable hints of spice, bright red plums and notes of black cherries.

Sangiovese Gaetano

Lively, slightly tart, with notes of cherries, cream and chocolate,with a long indulgent aftertaste.